For "Fed Up" Joyful Life Seekers: Follow My Journey

My family deserves better. I’m capable of so much more. I’m tired of living a mediocre life as I struggle through the ‘normal’ life society tells us to conform to. So, I committed to document my journey using magick to change it, from being emotionally and physically abused  to having over creating a global movement and transforming the lives of those I love.

From "oh wow" to "oh dang oh dang" I'm sharing EVERYTHING on my journey from sceptic to sorcerer in Magick Spells, rituals and more .....Especially when things seem like they are falling apart.

I'm learning a lot and so will you as I follow various mentors, guides and intuition into this forgotten aspect of life.

  • Learn from my mistakes so you don’t make them
  • Watch me report on rituals, spells, visions, journeys
  • See how I embrace and overcome the blocks to wealth, health and relationships, resolve my own karma and more. HINT: all is mental.
  • Come behind the scenes of spell I make.
  • I’m simply documenting my journey to hold myself accountable